Tuesday, June 26, 2007

...I met the true God. Almighty God has come in the flesh and I should continue my life as normal?! As soon as learned about Second Coming Christ our Father AhnSahngHong and our Mother New Jerusalem, I desired to preach this precious truth to my relatives. First I preached this truth to my mother. At first she had a stereotypical view of the church, but she came to realize the truth, even though she was very old. Now she attends the Church of God with my aunt. She says, “Now that I have come to know the truth, how can I follow any false teachings?”
I decided to preach to my best friend. We had grown up together like brothers. He and I had attended the same theological university. He had the same thoughts as me. He had become very disappointed with all the churches and had decided to stop attending theological school altogether. He realized that God did not dwell in the churches.
After I shared the truth with my friend, he accepted it, saying, “Since you testify to this so confidently, I will also follow the truth that you follow.” And he became a child of God. However, after he was persecuted by his close acquaintances, he began to reject the truth. He even told me not to preach to his family members. After all his had happened,

I could not contact him any more.
A year passed, and the Passover was approaching. After praying to God, I called him. I had no expectations. The one thing that I knew was that I had to deliver this message. To my surprise, my friend had been waiting for my call with regret.
We kept the Passover together. After that, we began to study the truths one by one and at last he realized that our church was the salt and the light of the world. In the beginning he could not grasp the mystery of Christ, but after realizing God’s true nature and love, he is now joyfully working for the gospel. At first he had told me not to preach to his family, but now he is preaching to them. He has led his wife, mother, sister, brother-in-law, cousin and many others- about ten members- into Gods arms.
God Ahnsahnghong and Mother blessed each of us so much I thank and praise the name of our savior Ahnsahnghong until I go back home to the kingdom of heaven.